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I started as a struggling math student growing up, barely passing each class not understanding much of anything.  I was not really motivated to learn about mathematics or pay attention in class.  One day I asked my self what I wanted to do with my life and become a teacher was immediately what came into my mind.  Out of all the subjects math stood out as the only one that seemed like it would provide me a job and also help me out if I decided to do something else with my life.  So there I was deciding to come a math teacher and not really knowing much about the subject.  Boy did I wish I knew how tough the road would be, but my determination, motivation and perseverance produced a math degree and I am very proud of it.  I want to share with you what I learned about myself, the subject math, and what it takes to become a successful student!
Fact 1:
Math is the number one class that students fear. Often for no other reason that they have not been taught to be successful.
 Fact 2:
Math is not a skill you are simply born with.  Anyone can learn to be good at math with a couple of key lessons I will show you.
Fact 3:
Perfect Practice makes perfect.
A good understanding of mathematics can open a lot of doors…
Sadly the opposite is true as well!


So what are you going to tell me I don’t already know?…


Math is confusing we know that.  Some people they say got it while others don’t.  Every teacher and parent has their own life experiences telling you what you need to do be successful.  I will assume most of them are good points.
I want to give you advice from a perspective you probably don’t get.  Not as a teacher or parent but as a struggling math student.  


Someone who knows what it’s like to

Not understand anything they were just taught in class

Totally blank when they sit down to complete their math homework

See a big fat ZERO or “F” on the test or quiz they took last week

Work on one single problem for 30-60 minutes


    I have been there and I want to provide as much help as
    I can so you don’t have to go through what I went through.



And I need to give you my e-mail address?


Feel free to watch the videos that correspond to the class you are taking and ask me any question you have.  I love responding to students from youtube or on my website. Just don’t ask me to do questions from your homework.


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