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I am a high school that is on a mission to improve math education. I was that student that sat in the back of class frustrated with the boredom of class and the lack of understanding. I made the decision to become a math teacher to make a difference in others lives. I knew that with the struggles I had I could relate well to students that struggled with math. With a weak math background I set out to get a degree in mathematics. In was a difficult journey and I worked very hard not just to pass my math classes but to have an understanding of what I was doing. I learned a lot about myself, mathematics and what it takes to be successful in class through my time at college. I want to pass along my experience to you the student so that may have your own success with mathematics.


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Jake Jaramillo - June 27, 2017 Reply

Hi Mr.McLogan, I am a 20 year old student and I am almost done my online precalc summer class (it is hell haha) and your videos helped me through a lot of the things I struggled with. My story is a lot like yours, I never really tried to learn in math class and occasionally when I did try, I would lose focus very quickly and go back to not paying attention. This is my first “advanced” math class and learning it online is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I get to go at my own pace, the downside of that is I get to go at my own pace. I started working full time for my fathers landscaping business a few months before summer started and in Pennsylvania that means there is a ton of work to do in 80+ degree weather. When I get home, the last thing I want to do is sit at my computer and cram multiple assignments a day. Your videos have alleviated some of my precalc induced headaches and I appreciate it very much. Hopefully you read this because I wanted you to know how much you help students like me everyday, in your classroom and all over the world.
Thank you and have a nice summer,

PK Wadsworth - January 29, 2018 Reply

Hi, my name is PK and I’m trying to figure out a very complicated equation for my level. I’m only in my third year of high school but am on a robotics team and need to figure out this very specific equation. I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find a good website to answer the question and no tutorials can tell me how. I saw your youtube videos and thought you might be able to do it, it might even be a good challenge. The equation is: gcos(a) = -((rsin(b))/(rcos(b)))(gsin(a)-rsin(b))+rcos(b). Im trying to solve in terms of b. I would appreciate if you could give me the answer.

David Bolt - May 8, 2018 Reply

Hi Brian,
I’m a 35 year old Territory Sales Manager with a BBA. A year ago I decided to return to school and make a course correction in my professional life, at least that is how I pitched it to the wife. I’m currently a Data Science student at Washington State University and haven’t used my Algebra/ Calculus “hat” in about 15 years, i’m sure you can see my predicament. Your videos have become a trusty resource when I run into a problem or concept i’ve not heard in 15-20 years.

Thanks for your help!

Clinton Cameron - May 17, 2018 Reply

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate your help with my math 30-1 course. I am an adult student (59) who has had to enter a retraining program with our Workers Compensation Board here in Alberta Canada. I was a Red Seal Electrician for over forty years working through out Alberta and as a result of those many years of heavy work I’ve had both my shoulders completely replaced. I have been working extremely hard, not only to upgrade my marks in math, but physics as well in order to meet the entrance requirements of a course that I will hopefully be taking this fall at S.A.I.T. our poly science institute here. As I started at a very young age into the trade, I was lacking in my high school courses,(when I left school the calculators were just coming out) I’ve had to educate myself on everything from the courses to how to use a calculator…. I really gained allot from your videos in all aspects of math and just wanted to say,,,, thank you

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