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ALG2 Graphing Quadratics

Since I am not in class today, Looking at examples on the board may not be the best to help you learn. Therefore I have created a set of videos to help you with your homework as well as understanding for this Unit.

Determining the vertex, axis of symmetry, domain and range give a quadratic in vertex form

Now that we know how to identify the key characteristics of a parabola in vertex form we will explore how to graph when it is in vertex form

Graphing a quadratic in vertex and labeling it’s parts

However what I wanted you to learn today when I was gone was how to graph a quadratic in vertex form by converting from standard form to vertex form using completing the square. I provided two examples to you on the board and will go over multiple examples in the next two videos.

Completing the square to convert a quadratic from standard form to vertex form, then find the vertes, axis of symmetry, domain and range

Now how to complete the square and graph

Completing the square to graph an equation from vertex form to standard form and identify the vertex, and axis of symmetry

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