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Alg2 Unit 1 Review

For test you will be expected to know

  1. How to solve and graph one-variable inequalities
  2. How to solve and graph compound inequalities
  3. How to write the inequality given a word problem
  4. How to solve absolute value equations
  5. How to solve and graph absolute value inequalities
  6. How to graph linear equations and inequalities
  7. How to graph Absolute value equations and inequalities
  8. How to solve and label a system of equations by graphing, substitution and elimination
  9. How to write the system of equations from a word problem
  10. How to write graph and solve compound inequalities
  11. How to determine the slope(rate of change) from an equation
  12. How to write the equation of a line given a point and slope, two points, point and equation parallel or perpendicular.
  13. How to write the constraints of a linear programming problem
  14. How to graph the constraints of a linear programming problem and optimize the objective function

How to study?

  1. Go back through every focus lesson and homework.  Review the problems you understood how to do.  Make a point to remember the steps you followed and why you got them correct.  Look at the problems you at one point could not work out.  Try again to see if you can figure them out.  If not what parts do you still not understand.  Make sure those questions are answered before you take your test
  2. Go back through all of your notes.  Re read and if needed re write important points that you have a hard time understanding or remembering.  Try to do this twice a day to keep the information fresh in your head
  3. Work through the practice test problems in the book.  Try problems you believe you remember how to do and work through problems you have trouble with.  Keep practicing problems till you feel comfortable.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for at least three days prior to the test.  Night before the test, quickly review everything one more time and get a good nights rest.

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