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ALG2 Solve System of Equations by Graphing and Substitution or Elimination

How to Solve a System of Two Linear Equations When solving a system of equations we can take multiple approaches. You approach may be dependent on your teachers directions or simply by the easiest path to find your solution based on your problem. Either way it is important to understand that we can solve ...

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Solving absolute value equations and Inequalities; how anyone can learn

Solving Absolute Value Equations Knowing the absolute value of a number is essential as we investigate solving absolute value equations. So what do we need to know about the absolute value of a number that is going to be helpful for us? Well we need to know that $abs[9]=9$ and $abs[-9]=9$ This tells us that ...

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Solving Linear Equations; The four types anyone can learn

Solving Linear Equations To understand solving linear equations we need to understand what our objective is and how to do it.  We will go over 4 types of linear equations but for each type our process will be the same.  Isolate the variable so it is equal to a quantity.  That quantity is our ...

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Pre-Calculus Chapter 2 Essential Questions

For Chapter two I have devised a summary for my students to complete.  Below are the Essential questions I am asking my students to review and make sure they understand.  I will have them insert their summary to the comment section below. Directions: For your summary you will choose to answer some of the ...

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