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ALG2 Graphing Quadratics

Since I am not in class today, Looking at examples on the board may not be the best to help you learn. Therefore I have created a set of videos to help you with your homework as well as understanding for this Unit. Determining the vertex, axis of symmetry, domain and range give a ...

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Pc 2-1/2.2 Intro into zeros of a function

Since I am not in class today I am going to provide you with some videos that will help you with your understanding of the content.  The first  two videos are a review of what we completed the first day in this chapter.  Learning how to determine if a function is a polynomial or ...

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Transformations of Functions; How anyone can learn

We first discuss transformations of functions usually with Absolute Value or Quadratic Functions.  In addition to graphing by creating a table, using transformations allows us another alternative to graphing.  However it is important to notice that this is only true when a quadratic is in a form where we can identify the transformations.  For ...

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Alg2 Unit 1 Review

For test you will be expected to know How to solve and graph one-variable inequalities How to solve and graph compound inequalities How to write the inequality given a word problem How to solve absolute value equations How to solve and graph absolute value inequalities How to graph linear equations and inequalities How to ...

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PC-Unit 1 Test Review

For our unit 1 test here is what you can expect to be able to do and know.  While a graphing calculator is not necessary it is highly recommended to help you understand, solve and check your answers. Understand how to identify if a function or graph is One-to-One Understand and describe the transformations ...

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ALG2 Solve System of Equations by Graphing and Substitution or Elimination

How to Solve a System of Two Linear Equations When solving a system of equations we can take multiple approaches. You approach may be dependent on your teachers directions or simply by the easiest path to find your solution based on your problem. Either way it is important to understand that we can solve ...

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