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My vision of math education

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Hello there again,
I am not a big writer. Hence my vast collection of Youtube videos and lack of an actual blog. When I have something important to say I make a video for it.
With that being said I am making some new videos on answering some of the great questions posed by students, parents and teachers. Those videos will be coming soon and I can’t wait to share them with you.
In the mean time I want to share some of my most recent videos with you that give a little insight on who I am and how I feel about education.
Learning should not be finite when we test our students () . We need to create timelines for student growth and also understand the importance in how we grade student work ()  to make sure that we give students quality feedback to learn and grow. Grading and preparing students for assessments is why I have made changes in my own classroom policies of when should homework be due () . These ideas are all what have spawned a new vision for me as my makeover in math education () .
Not everything starts with the teacher. As parents and students we have a responsibility for our actions and learning () . It all starts with a seed in your beliefs ()  and perpetuates from there. Believing in yourself and maintaining a focus ()  on what you desire to achieve is the essence of success.  In class you have to get very detailed in what you want to achieve by setting goals for yourself () . Goals that are important and give you something to strive for every day.  Working hard is something that I consider being one of the great secrets of being a successful student. (
I hope that some of my videos have helped you with your math education or even inspired you to think differently about how you perceive learning in todays classrooms.  I hope we can move away from the days when teachers looked down upon students () and move forward to the days of teachers helping every student being the best they can be.
I don’t have all of the answers and sometimes make mistakes in my videos ()  that are rather funny. However I do care about education and spreading the vision that if you can do math you can do anything () . I understand math is not what life is all about and that we have to lead a balanced life. I have a lot of other interests besides math ()  and I strongly believe that those interests need to be pursued.
Thank you for taking the time with me to read this email and I hope you found the content useful for yourself or someone you know.  Please feel free to share and if at any point you don’t feel that I am providing you quality information. You may subscribe below. It will hurt my feelings but only encourage me to keep creating better and better information for all.