Welcome to my resources page.  Below are reviews that have been given to my students to review for their tests in Algebra 1, 2 standard and honors, as well as Pre-Calculus.  These reviews are what we have previously covered in my school and may or may not be what your teacher is covering in your school.  I did not create all of these reviews rather it has been the work of my awesome colleges at my school.  We work together in professional learning communities to decide what information to prepare for our reviews and tests and these reviews below are what we have produced.



Algebra 1

Mod A – Set Theory –

Mod B – Linear Equations –

Mod C – Functions and Relations –

Mod D – Graphing and Writing Linear Equations –

Mod E – Linear inequalities –

Module F – Systems of equations –

Mod G – Polynomials –

Mod H – Factoring –

Mod I – Quadratics

Final Exam

Algebra 2 Standard and Honors

Module A – Equations –

Module B – Linear Relations –

Module C – Systems of Equations-

Module D – Quadratic Functions –

Module E – Polynomials –

Module F – Rational Functions –

Module G – Inverses, Functions and Radical expressions

Module H – Exponential and logarithmic functions

Final Exams

Pre-Calculus Reviews and Student Success Organizers-

Chapter 1 – Functions and Their graphs –

Chapter 2 – Polynomial and Rational Functions –


Chapter 3 – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions –

Chapter 4 – Trigonometry –

Chapter 5 – Analytic Trigonometry

Chapter 6 – Additional topics in Trigonometry

Final Exams

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